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Which 3 Active South Carolina Vacation Options Should You Choose?

South Carolina, nicknamed the Palmetto State for the Sabal palmetto trees that thrive in the locale, makes a beautiful destination for your next vacation. The state enjoys a warm climate and a variety of geographical terrains. Spectacular areas include the Piedmont, the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic coastline. Many choose to explore the outdoors while visiting South Carolina because of the state’s natural attractions. You might want to investigate three different active vacation experiences that take advantage of South Carolina’s scenic magnificence.

Which 3 Active South Carolina Vacation Options Should You Choose

1. Try Equestrian Camping

People who own horses and wish to look for a new riding experience can try equestrian camping. With this type of vacation, you bring your horses to the campgrounds, and there you can enjoy all of the camp amenities and stabling provided for the horses while taking advantage of miles of gorgeous trail rides in new scenic areas. However, you can rent horses for those without mounts to enable you to relish the ride. Encountering the land on horseback gives you a perspective that you cannot experience in any other way, making for lasting memories.

2. Try RV Camping

Many vacation enthusiasts take to the South Carolina roads with an RV camper. RV camping means a customized experience suited to your tastes and needs. When you choose a beautiful and restful RV campground, you can enjoy the tranquility you want and join in with nearby activities and see local attractions as you desire.

3. Try Hiking and Cycling

Hiking and bicycling remain popular vacation pursuits when staying in South Carolina. After booking Lodging Fairfax SC visitors can explore the local countryside and quaint towns on bicycles. Furthermore, hiking the local wilderness areas also gives you and your family a close-up look at the native birds, trees and wildlife.

South Carolina makes the perfect destination spot when you want an active vacation. Moreover, you can enjoy various outdoor activities from horseback, in an RV or while biking and hiking to help you experience the scenic beauty there.



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