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What To Do When Hail Falls

Many people find the pitter-patter of raindrops lulling, a comforting white noise that washes away the stress of the day. Rainy days become a time of family activities, movie retreats and long book reads. Occasionally, though, the lulling drips turn rough and harsh, pounding on the roof. This abrupt change occurs when rain freezes, turning to hail. These stones go from liquid to solid when the upper atmosphere of the clouds is extremely cold. As these pieces become heavy, they plummet to the ground, breaking the calm and creating a hazardous situation. Homeowners should be cautious during this storm, putting down the remote and taking some action. Be sure to take the following measures.

Hail Falls

1. Remain Inside

While the gentle fall of rain causes little physical harm, hail is the opposite. Its force can devastate property and people, crashing to the ground with fierce velocity. Seek shelter immediately for all humans and animals. Close windows and doors, and move away from the glass. Close blinds and drapes. Should something blow through the glass, this extra barrier could keep you or someone else from danger. Stay inside until the storm passes completely.

2. Inspect the Premises

Assess the home and land, ensuring that nothing has been harmed. Start by checking the gas line. Turn off valves if you detect unusual smells or anything of concern. Walk the yard, picking up debris and looking at the stucco and roofing.

Cars are especially vulnerable, as the chunks of ice can dent the exterior metal, ruining paint and structure. Don’t put off this task. Seek a complete evaluation from a place specializing in hail damage repair Lakewood CO. Drivers shouldn’t risk taking a damaged vehicle on the road.

3. Contact Insurance

Home insurance and auto policies may cover hail storm damage. As soon as you look over the area, contact the insurer to report the problem.

Don’t risk getting hurt. Take cover when hail is near. When it’s clear, see what needs to be fixed and make repairs.



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