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What is print and apply labelling

In the field of logistics, print and apply, is the process of labeling products accurately and efficiently. It is crucial in ensuring a smooth process.  This process, when applied well, ensures accurate and efficient labeling. 

It allows users to print labeling directly onto a product and/or its packaging. Labels carry specific information including barcodes, serialization, alphanumeric text, QR codes, graphics, 2D codes, addressing, and personalization amongst other things. Compliance is very important. Print and apply technology can be applied to the production line. These machines need to be small and flexible in order to fit into the space that is available in the process. 

Print and apply equipment is much faster and more reliable than manual print and apply processes. Some print and apply technology will integrate effectively with packaging and processing technology. These are factors that need to be taken into account when selecting the appropriate print and apply technology. 

Demand for this type of technology is expected to grow in the future. While automation is relatively new to the industry and most companies are still getting on board with automation, it is definitely the future in logistics. Especially now that the number of private warehouses is growing. 



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