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What is GPS/INS?

GPS was a groundbreaking technological advancement that still benefits most of the population. Common users typically use GPS for directions or to locate their favorite restaurants. GPS has not only made life easier but also impactful through military operations. The military first began production of the GPS in 1995, and has been a great asset. As technology changes, it continues to improve previous systems, such as GPS. Today, the military uses advanced technology through the GPS/INS system. 

What is GPS/INS

What is GPS/INS

Global positioning systems (GPS) and inertial navigation systems (INS), also known as GPS/INS, work together to provide a reliable integration system. In basic terms, typical GPS is valuable, but when the INS system is implemented, it results in higher accuracy than basic GPS. GPS uses satellite systems to determine accurate locations. However, GPS systems are not the most reliable due to satellite interference. 

INS systems use multiple sources to obtain information. It relies not on just one satellite but various data and information inputs. However, INS systems cannot calculate movement without GPS systems. Some companies dedicate their entire base to perfecting GPS/INS systems, such as Applied Systems Engineering. GPS/INS systems are incorporated with military technology to improve aircraft and weapons. Allowing for monitoring of land and sea 24 hours a day, through any weather conditions and anywhere in the world. As technology advances, so will GPS/INS systems and their impact on the planet. 



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