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What Are the Features of Solventless Hash Oil?

Ever heard of solventless hash oil or SHO in short? This is a type of cannabis oil that is obtained without the use of solvents like propane, butane, and CO2. There are several features that separate solventless hash oil from regular oils that are obtained through the use of chemical processes. Here are some of the features of solventless hash oil.

Cleaner and Higher Quality

Solventless hash oil is generally cleaner than extracts that are obtained through the use of chemicals. Because there are no chemicals used in the process, the concentrates only contain compounds from the cannabis plant and nothing more. Apart from that, you will also find that solventless extracts accurately contain the full cannabinoid and terpene profile of cannabis plants. This makes them the perfect representation of the plant chemical-wise. 

Live Concentrates

In this instance, the term live refers to the state of the plant material that is used to obtain solventless extracts. These extracts are made using fresh frozen plant materials. This means that the extracts are obtained before the flower is dried or cured. The process of drying and curing can alter the terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Because of this, the phytochemical contents are preserved, making solventless hash oil a high-quality product.

True Full Spectrum

Solventless hash oil is known as a true full-spectrum product. This is because the oil provides a more accurate representation of the strain used than any other product. This is because every small cannabinoid, flavonoid, and terpene is collected during the solventless extraction process. 

These are some of the features of solventless extracts. There are many versions of solventless extracts, and some are more stable than others. All you need to do to try out a solventless extract is to search using your location. For instance, you can try using search terms like solventless concentrate Los Angeles-made to find out more about solventless extracts, their benefits, and pricing.



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