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Water Softener Maintenance: 4 Key Tips

Hard water has a high concentration of mineral content that wears down appliances and pipework, leaving limescale on showerheads, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures. Install a water softening system with the help of a professional to remove deposits of iron, magnesium, and calcium from hard water, thus making it soft. Below is a list of tips to keep the water softener in top shape.

Check the Salt Regularly

Refill the water softeners brine tank where the salt goes once every month. Open the lid of the brine tank regularly and ensure the salt is covered in water. Consider refilling the brine tank with salt if the water level is low and the salt is dry. It is crucial to check the salt level on your softener every now, especially if the system is older than ten years.

Know-How to Clean a Water Softener Brine Tank

Learn how to clean a water softener and practice the art regularly as it is a preventative maintenance approach. You can wait until the brine tank is out of salt, then scoop out the remaining rocks. The salt will resemble sludge if the softener is particularly dirty. Use a stick or a broom if the sludge is caked on the bottom of the brine tank.

Clean the tank with water, detergent, and a brush once you get rid of the sludge. Use a mold remover if mold has accumulated on the bottom. Give the tank a rinse once you are done and refill it with salt.

Know-How to Spot Trouble

Spotting problems before they occur is a valuable skill. Assess the brine tank occasionally to deal with possible causes if an issue arises. When hard water interacts with soap, it prevents it from lathering correctly, which is an easy way to monitor the status of the water softener daily.

Other things to look out for:

  • Noticeably different water taste
  • Stiff laundry
  • Scale (buildup in sinks, pipes, and bathtubs)

When in Doubt, Call the Professionals

The maintenance of a Marine Water Filter is a standard affair. A professional assists you in taking care of the water softener to maintain its quality. A professional save clients the hassle of navigating through their water softener’s electronic components without knowing what they are doing.

A well-built water softener lasts for years without requiring professional attention. Hire a professional to troubleshoot complicated issues and replace resin beads. Check the cleanliness of the brine tank and clean out bacteria or mold when you see it.



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