Hometravel tipsVacation Time? 3 Tips for Making Your Pup Comfy While You're Away

Vacation Time? 3 Tips for Making Your Pup Comfy While You’re Away

While you’re away on vacation, don’t worry about your animal friends. They, too, should have some fun, and you should feel assured that they are happy and cared for daily. However, making this happen takes effort and planning. Otherwise, you may sit by the pool worrying about your pup’s wellbeing. Therefore, while planning your trip, arrange for your pet’s superior care. The following are four things to add to your pet’s vacation list.

3 Tips for Making Your Pup Comfy While You're Away

1. Establish Familiarity With the Sitter

Research locations and people who watch over furry friends. When you find a reputable pet boarding Denver location, schedule a visit or short day trip. Testing the waters helps you see your loved one having fun in that setting. Your dog gets to check out the space. You can see if the environment is right.

2. Schedule a Check-Up

You don’t want to get a call about your pet not feeling well. Minimize those interruptions and concerns. Have the vet spend time with your pup a week or so before heading out. Update any medicines or shots before you go, minimizing health concerns. In addition, pick up a copy of the health records to leave with the boarding facility.

If your puppy requires medicine, write out each one and the dosage and when to give it. Provide your vet’s name and phone number, and be sure your dog does well with the meds.

3. Gather Some Favorite Items

Your dog may miss you. Gather some personal belongings that represent you and your home. Select things that have your scent and that are used often. Blankets and toys are good to bring as they remind your dog of you. In addition, pack up your food (you don’t want upset bellies) and bowls. Some dogs prefer their setup. Write out how much the facility should provide each day.

Let your pet relax and play too while you’re out exploring. Prepare early, find a good spot, update health records and pack personal items.



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