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How to use the right colors for perfect makeup

Today between Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube we have accessibility to cosmetic and beauty tips galore, and it’s getting to the point where we almost have too much information coming at us.

If you’ve spend hours after hours browsing make-up tutorials and seeking to master a look but still can’t appear to make your features put the way you want, it might not have access to anything at all to do with your beauty skills — and everything to do with your make-up color choices. What most beauty bloggers don’t tell you in every video is that choosing the correct shades for use in your specific face make a lot of difference in creating a cosmetic look you’ll be happy with.

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Instead of mailing you on a crazy Google goose chase, coming from collected tips from our favorite beauty experts to help us solve your cosmetic issues by sharpening in on your unique hair color, eye color and face shape.

What color are your eyes?

It’s important to consider your eye color when deciding on shades of eye makeup. Matching your eye shadow to your eye color can look too monochromatic, so instead we’ve come upward with some tips to help your natural eye color stand out. Use the tips below to determine what make-up hues work best with your attention color.

What color will be your hair?

hair color

Factor in your hair color to determine what make-up hues work best on you. By simply making the proper color options with your eye shadows, blushes, bronzers and other makeup, you may make subtle innovations that make a huge difference in your look. Use these cosmetic tips below as a guide for the shades and techniques that work best for women with red hair, blond hair and dark hair.

What shape is your face?

face shape

Our faces are commonly categorized into 6 main shapes: oval, sq ., round, heart-shaped, oblong and diamond-shaped. Use the tips below as a guide to determine what make-up techniques work best for your face shape. You’ll find advice on eye darkness and eyeliner, foundation, dry and more.

Remember: Searching great is not about the amount of money you spend on your beauty products — somewhat, it’s about applying the proper techniques and colors to enhance your best natural-born features. Use the make-up tips specific to your the color of eyes and hair color, plus your face condition to achieve the best look possible.



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