Having Trouble Remembering Passwords? Your Mobile Device Can Help

The days when all you had to remember is your ATM pin and password to your work computer are long gone. Studies show that the average person has anywhere from 19 to 27 passwords that he needs to remember. These include passwords for online shopping, utilities, email, banking, social media accounts and more.

Remembering On-line Passwords Should Not Be Difficult

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of passwords you have to remember, you are not alone. Fortunately, you can save your passwords on your phone. Before you scream safety, we are talking about the Journal24x7 Android Diary App that you can easily download on your mobile device to take care of all your password problems.

This Android app is incredibly flexible and allows you to keep tabs on your workout routine, personal events, food or drinks you would like to try or have again, recreational activities, work-related tasks and of course keeping all your passwords in one secure location.

Too Many Passwords to Remember? Time to Journal Password Hints

What is special about this diary app is that you can customize it to hold any information that you want. You can store your passwords here, but not the actual letters or characters because that would be unsafe. The Android Personal Journal App lets you store hints that you can use to remember you password in case you forget.

It is careless to store your actual passwords anywhere so this app is an innovative solution to the problem of cyber security. If, for example, someone were to access your password journal, they still wouldn’t be able to figure out your password. This app is a secure location to store the code to your password. It is a sort of password for your password. It is difficult to get more discreet.

Journal 24x& to the Rescue for Remembering All Your Passwords

The Journal 24x& Android Password Keeper Journal is very easy to figure out and to use. The first step is to come up with a secure password. A good password, for example, would include;

  • The name of your favorite country
  • Childhood best friend
  • Your favorite drink
  • Creative use of a special character

Following the same example, a good password would be polandr!ckpeps!. Note the use of the characters. The character “!” replaces the letter “i” in the password.

Next, come up with the password hint and save it on the app. Continuing with this example, a good hint is; countrybfdr!nk. This hint immediately reminds you that your password consists of your favorite country (Poland), childhood best friend (Rick), favorite drink (Pepsi) and the character “!” substitutes the letter “I” in your password. Anyone else looking at this information would not be able to decipher its meaning.

That’s all there is to keeping your information safe and you can do it with all your vital accounts. All you need is the Journal24x7 Android Password Keeper Journal, a strong password and a few minutes of your time.