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Top Benefits for Nonprofits of Accounting Software in the Cloud

Nonprofits constantly look for ways to cut overhead costs to better support their mission goals. One essential function that nonprofits needs is good accounting. Cloud-based software programs help meet this need without some of the overhead costs of traditional accounting practices.

Nonprofits of Accounting Software

Fraud Prevention

Programs such as AccuFund nonprofit accounting software help nonprofits prevent fraud. Nonprofits have an extra need for accurate and maintaining integrity. They rely on the donations of other people and corporations to support their cause. Preventing fraud is essential to maintaining the nonprofit’s good name.

Secure Data

Hand-in-hand with fraud prevention is securing the data. Cloud security systems are in place to keep data safe and secure. Since the data is stored on a cloud, it is not reliant on a single person to access. Not to mention there is less likelihood that the data is lost due to a misplaced flash drive or broken computer.

Team Collaboration

Accounting software based in the cloud allows the entire team to collaborate on projects. You can determine who on the team has access to the financial data. They can then access reports or budgets at the same time. This can streamline the planning process and keep the team on track to complete projects.

Lower Costs

Cloud programs do not rely on the nonprofit to find hard disk space to store the programs. No longer do you have to have an IT professional on hand to fix issues with the software or customize it. Everything is available online in the cloud and accessible from wherever the user is at. There is less need for expensive equipment or lost downtime due to issues with that equipment.

Constant Syncing

The information stored in the cloud software constantly syncs making it the most reliable for up-to-date information. You can see in real-time the latest metrics on your finances. During a fundraiser, the team can keep track of the progress at any point in time. No longer do they need to wait until a report can be printed. They have access in the palm of their hands.



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