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Things to keep in mind about the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program

Since its launch in 2015, Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program or CSP has constantly changed and evolved to keep up with modern technological advancement and how people use it. As more businesses move operations to the cloud, the program is becoming more relevant to many people. If you’re looking to learn more about Microsoft Cloud solutions and how they can benefit your business, here are a few things we thought you should know.

CSP is more than a licensing program

While CSP is about licensing, it offers more than that. The program is designed to provide you with your Microsoft public cloud subscriptions like Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Office365, Azure, and Dynamics CRM Online. The program gives you the same flexibility you would get from Microsoft directly, but you will receive a monthly invoice from your partner for services and software subscriptions. There is also 24/7 customer service support from your CSP partner.

It is a cloud ‘only’ program

From its name, the Microsoft cloud solutions program is designed to work on the cloud. It provides access to Skype for business, SharePoint Online, Enterprise Mobility Suite EMS, and Office 365 from anywhere in the world.

You might need to sign a contract with Microsoft

Remember, Microsoft is the principal owner of the intellectual property of the cloud software solution—the software as a service. That means Microsoft determines the terms for use, which means signing the Microsoft Cloud Agreement and the Microsoft Online Service Terms.  This agreement is the legal bond between you and Microsoft.

Your package comes with 24/7 support

Your Microsoft CSP partner within the program offers 24/7 mandatory support as part of the package. However, it’s critical to note that some smaller CSP partners may not have the capability to provide round-the-clock support services independently. They team up with local or global distributors to do so. That means when you experience any problem with your cloud solution, you will contact your CSP provider and not Microsoft.

Entering foreign subsidiaries depends on your location

CSP is divided into global geographical regions. You can only enter foreign subsidiaries within the same CSP agreement if they are located within the same geographical region where the CSP agreement was signed. For instance, if you’re from the EU area and signed your CSP agreement within the EU, you can only enter foreign subsidiaries within the EU region.  If you have subsidiaries in other regions, you will need CSP for these regions as well.

You can enter and stop anytime

The CSP program is charged every month. That means your subscription only lasts a month. If you do not wish to continue, you can stop anytime. This gives you the flexibility to focus on business changes and more pressing issues every time you need to. However, it’s also important to understand that some CSP providers have a mandatory first 12-month initial commitment. From there, you can stop your subscription anytime you want. CSP also allows you to customize some areas in your subscription, such as services per month.



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