What things to do if you carry a self defense weapon?

People carry self defense weapon for sole reason to protect themselves. Nobody wants to be victim of an attack. But there are certain critically important things for anyone of who is thinking of carrying a firearm for self-defense that are- situational awareness and avoidance of conflict. Both of them will help you to prevent a deadly force. Ultimate goal of carrying a firearm is to be prepared for any upcoming attack but not to be aggressive. That is the only reason it is called self defense training.


Situational awareness is simply to be aware of what is going around you. A renowned firearms instructor Jeff Cooper developed a color code of awareness, which enables you to visually see where you might me at any point of time.

  1. White

It is the state of being relaxed and unaware of what is going in your surroundings. It is said that you should be in state of white only when you are sleeping. But in real life we often drop our guard when we feel safe, for example in our home. Instructors often advice that you do everything in order to resist the state of white, because if someone tries to attack while you are in that situation there is a greater chance that you will be critically harmed.

  1. Yellow

It is the state of being relaxed but aware of what is going on in your surroundings at the same time. It is the first level of being aware. Ideally, if you are awake you should be in the condition of yellow. It the condition of being smart about your surroundings and not paranoid. Home invasions occurs even the broad daylight. If you are in this state you will be in a better position to help yourself.

  1. Orange

In this stage you have found a potential threat and have become totally aware of it.  In this stage you have to be prepared to take action to avoid that threat.

  1. Red

In this stage you have confirmed the threat and are ready to act against it to avoid it.  It changes your focus from potential threat to potential target. It is advisable to look for a safe avenue to retreat. In case you are not able to retreat you should move to a position that will give you a tactical advantage.


It is often said that the best gun fight is the one you are not involved in. what gives you an opportunity to avoid a conflict is being situationally aware. The fact that you are armed, you shouldn’t put yourself in a situation of conflict. You shouldn’t go anywhere with your gun where you can go without it.

Sometimes normal conversations become a heated argument which in turn leads to a situation of a deadly fight. If you are armed, you should try your best to stay out of harm’s way.

Avoiding conflict also minimizes your legal exposure. The best way to avoid conflict is to “ stay out of trouble and be home by midnight”.