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The Value of IPC Certification

For those aspiring a career in PCB assembly services, getting certified in this area can be highly rewarding. Engineering is a broad field, but when you specialize in IPC technical certification, you can open up a specialty area that employers will be highly in need of.

With the changing needs of cutting-edge technology, as well as a wide array of engineering and manufacturing demands, there is always a need for highly-skilled engineers to enter this field. The skills that you can learn in soldering, welding, solder balling, and much more can open a lot of doors to aspiring high-tech engineer who has the desire and the know-how to achieve their goals. 

What is IPC Certification?

IPC certification is an individual certification that involves learning the skills of “acceptability of assembling of electronics, computers, and other small scale welding activities which help add components and bridge together small parts to create the technology.” 

For people just starting out in the engineering or electronic assembly career set, there is a great deal of value in pursuing this highly-coveted status in the electronics and technology world. The world can be yours if you do your research on what is needed to enter your field of choice while keeping your eye and your mind on the goal on a daily basis. 

There’s no doubt that the PCB and electronic assembly field will continue to expand and grow as technology continues to change and evolve. Explore the options available to you by focusing on the types of work you want to do. The opportunities in engineering and manufacturing of high-tech goods will continue to escalate in the near future. 

IPC-A-610 is an individual-level certificate based on a standard published by IPC titled “Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies”. This certification is two-tiered; individuals successfully complete a training course and a certification examination.



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