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The Many Applications of Submersible Pumps

Since 1911submersible pumps have enabled the movement of water and other fluids from underground areas, aiding in activities ranging from removing water from flooded basements to removing groundwater to enable oil extraction. You might use a sump pump, as they’re also called, to remove water from your flooded basement, but it has many other applications, too.

Submersible Pumps

Here’s a quick rundown on the many uses of a submersible pump. The equipment you use has many applications.

  • Wastewater: In the wastewater industry, sump pumps help move water at the pump and lift stations. They cost less and take up less space than other alternatives.
  • Sewage treatment: In the sewage treatment industry, submersible pumps move water containing solid materials from the pump inlet to the discharge point. Some designs of these pumps can reduce large solid wastes to smaller particles during the transportation process.
  • Sump pumping: In the hazards remediation industry, submersible pumps move floodwaters from basements and lower floors of buildings.
  • Mining: The mining industry uses the same type of sump pumps for removing tailings from ponds used in mining operations. This industry uses Electric Submersible Pumping (ESP) systems designed to withstand severe conditions, such as highly acidic water that contains suspended solids.
  • Dredging: In the marine industry, port authorities use submersible pumps designed to handle high solid content liquids to dredge harbors.
  • Wells: In the oil and gas industry, this type of pump lifts water to the surface at water wells and boreholes and lifts oil to the surface. The ESP systems used in these applications require special electricity cables.

While most people know sump pumps best as the gadget that saves their basement quickly, submersible pumps have many uses. If you work in an industry that needs to quickly remove water or other liquids from an area, try a submersible pump.



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