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The Benefits of Tank Linings

Industrial tanks are used for many products. They can store fuel, medicine, or food. Of course, not one after another.

Some of the products that arrive in these tanks may be extremely hot. Or, they could contain caustic chemicals that have the potential to cause corrosion. And, if a tank isn’t protected, either the temperature or chemicals or both can result in some unfortunate issues.

Loss of material

One is the loss of what’s stored. When the tank’s interior begins to rust and corrode, pinholes form. While they are small, enough of them cause the tank’s liquids to seep out.

Thus, when ready to be transported for the next stage of production, a portion of the material is gone. If precise measurements are required, then a new batch needs to be created.


Another result is contamination. Rust or the tank’s initial shielding can fall into the mix. In turn, the whole compliment could be contaminated. As mentioned above, the creation process would start over. The end result is a loss of productivity and revenue.

Lining is the Solution

The solution is not to buy a new tank without any protection. Rather, it’s to purchase rubber lined tanks. Companies like Moon Tanks have produced this equipment for decades. And those who have purchased them know their benefits.

They include:

  • A longer life for your existing equipment
  • Anti-corrosion protection from caustic chemicals
  • Anti-contamination due to extreme temperatures
  • Loss reduction due to seepage or lost product
  • Easier cleaning with standard detergents and less harsh scrubbing
  • Increased plant and employee safety

And the most important benefit — no halt in production. The use of rubber lined tanks keeps materials flowing to the next stage of preparation. In the end, it impresses management, increases the positivity of employees, and adds to the company’s revenue.

Overall, rubber lined tanks should be the go-to for every manufacturing company.



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