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How to stop WhatsApp from sharing your data with Facebook

WhatsApp will soon begin offering some of your information to Facebook. This will permit Facebook to show you more focused on advertisements. You won’t see promotions on WhatsApp, yet you could begin seeing Facebook companion proposals and advertisements in view of your information from WhatsApp.

On the off chance that this makes you uncomfortable and you don’t need Facebook to see your WhatsApp information, you have to physically cripple the setting on the informing application. Here’s the way to prevent WhatsApp from offering your information to Facebook.

stop WhatsApp from sharing your data with Facebook

Don’t agree to WhatsApp’s updated terms of service

WhatsApp will tell you of the change to its terms of administration. When you open the application, you will see a page that says this, and requests that you tap concur. On the off chance that you are on this screen, take after these means:

  1. Tap Read
  2. Uncheck Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook…

Second method to stop WhatsApp from sharing your details with Facebook

In case that you’ve officially tapped Agree, or did as such without perusing, then you can in any case prevent WhatsApp from imparting your points of interest to Facebook by taking after these steps:

For  iPhone:

  1. Tap Settings > Account.
  2. Uncheck Share my account info.

For Android:

  1. Tap the three dots icon on the top-right.
  2. Tap Settings > Account.
  3. Uncheck Share my account info

This will prevent WhatsApp from imparting your information to Facebook. In the event that you haven’t seen the upgrades terms of administration page, or the setting specified above doesn’t appear in the application, these progressions haven’t yet been taken off to your gadget. They will show up soon, so make sure to remember these means.

In case you’re content with how WhatsApp functions at this moment, you ought to quit to avert future focused on advertisements on the stage. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you need to utilize WhatsApp to connect with organizations later on or to make discovering companions on WhatsApp simpler, connecting your records will permit this to happen.

Security shouldn’t be a worry with this redesigned arrangement, as WhatsApp’s encryption stays solid, and Facebook won’t ask for (or even can take a gander at) your messages, photographs or record data.

Maybe a favored course would’ve been for WhatsApp to offer a paid membership administration, as it did already, instead of surrendering some individual data to organizations. It bodes well for focused publicizing to be WhatsApp’s adaptation model, as it is for its guardian organization. Regardless it not perfect for clients, however, who might incline toward no promotions by any means.



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