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Starting A Business – The 4 Things That Can Trip You Up

Going Too Fast.

This is a problem that I experienced during the process of learning how to develop a good business system. Instead of hiring a professional coach or mentor (for financial reasons at the time was my reasoning) I made some very costly mistakes (which could have paid for my coach 10x’s over).

starting a business

Going too fast and putting the cart before the horse, is something that I did. I was “Johnny on the spot” and I just went with it; meanwhile overlooking some vital and very critical technicalities on how to build a successful business. I would never have built the business the way I did if I knew my purpose, I built myself a “JOB”. A business system is not the same as a self-employed business owner, which is what I was.

These systems are totally different and require much more than one may think, at least I didn’t understand it was so complex. I was a poor man going to the bank demanding my millions of dollars when I didn’t even have a bank account, I mean come on!

Still Wearing A Mask.

If you have no idea who you really are (The Greatest Obstacle) but you know your idea can make you a lot of money fast; I must warn you, this is a sure recipe for failure if you jump in head first without education. In order to be really successful and totally fulfilled we must know the answer to this question; Who am I? It is through the discovery of your identity, abilities, and unlocking your potential that makes a system easy to implement.

You will have discovered who you are by unlocking your destiny and you will know what makes you smile and what doesn’t. Cash in the bank doesn’t mean anything if you can’t keep it in there and make it work for you. When we fail to understand our identity we don’t understand our purpose and without then we don’t have the right plan.

Poor Mindset.

This is the number one cause of failure even if the system is bullet proof. You can have a lot of money and still be poor. If you are stuck as a slave to money and you fail to understand how to have money work for you, then you are poor and a slave to working for money. Our belief and knowledge about finances will make this determination for us without us even knowing it. I was poor for a long time until I realized the true definition of what it means to be wealthy.

The paper money sitting in a bank does not make you wealthy it is your internal bank balance that separates the rich from the poor. At the end of the day, it’s not a race to see who can make money by working hard for it but who can learn to use it as a tool and have it work for them.

Not Knowing The Rules To The Game.

I must tell you that life is a game and we must know how to play it. If we don’t know how to play then we will be stuck riding a systems bicycle propelled by our own self-effort. No one would choose to ride a bike 3,000 miles if you can catch a plane and be there in five hours. It is the not knowing the rules because of the lack of education, that makes us slaves to systems.

We remain in these systems of slavery until we decide that we have had enough, and are totally fed up and are ready to claim our freedom. There is no question, we must learn how to play the game that the top 1% play. It will be through understanding the game that the 99% can start to rise above poor mindsets and become truly wealthy.



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