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An Honest SMOK X Cube Ultra Review

Before the SMOK X Cube Ultra came into the market, there was X Cube I and X Cube II products. The vapers who liked X Cube II became the primary target for the new X Cube Ultra.

Unique Features and Specifications

There are several features and specifications that characterize this new product amongst them:

SMOK X Cube Ultra

  • Premium zinc alloy construction
  • A voltage output range of between 0.35 and 8 volts
  • A wattage output range of between 6 and 220 watts
  • A 0.06 ohm atomizer resistance
  • Temperature range from 200 to 600 Fahrenheit
  • Stainless steel and titanium heating elements
  • Bluetooth 4.0 smart app connectivity
  • Micro USB port for firmware upgrades
  • Magnetized battery cover
  • An intuitive and large OLED display
  • Five selectable effects for puff drawing which include minimum, soft, normal, hard and max

The X Cube Ultra just like its predecessor mods comes complete with a screen display and top-mounted adjustments buttons. Bearing in mind that this mod takes two high-drain batteries, its overall size is considerably minimal. Technically, the 220 watt maximum power output is correct but in real world applications, no one gets to vape at 220 watts.

The Technology

This vape store Canadaproduct has Over-the-Air wireless technology to enable you do firmware upgrades through Bluetooth pairing with the smartphone app designed by SMOK. This capability has gotten most early adopters ecstatic. Whenever the X Cube Ultra encounters conditions that require immediate attention, it can vibrate just like a smartphone. However, this vibration can be turned off depending on your preferences.

The regulating board has an X3 chip which adds smart charging capabilities that balance both charge and discharge. This extends the battery life.

The Menu System and Display Screen

Inasmuch as the menu system is a bit advanced, the placement of the display screen next to the 510 connector implies that if the air slots of the atomizers align with the screen, the plastic outer cover can easily fog up hence dimming the screen. Some vapers do not see this to be much of a problem because a finger wipe can quickly restore the display screen to full clarity. However, some vapers get aggravated by this.

The SMOK X Cube Ultra just like the X Cube II uses a firing bar that comes with multicolored LEDs positioned along the length of the firing bar. When you press the bar, the LEDs light up. Thanks to the level of customization, you can turn the LEDs on or off, create a cascading rainbow effect or simply set it to display a huge range of monochrome colors.

The Performance of SMOK X Cube Ultra

When everything is said and done, the vaping expectations that come with a high power, current generation dual-18650 mod are high. The X Cube Ultra does not disappoint as it is very capable. The temperature control works pretty well and has all the adjustability vapers would want. Its highly exaggerated rating on power output aside, the performance of its chip is admirable.


In addition to being a fun tech toy, SMOK X Cube Ultra is an excellent vaping mod. Its size, host of improved features, and its reasonable price tag,make it a downright steal especially at the lower end of the market.



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