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Providing Proper Care to Seniors

With the aging population increasing every year and given the like expectancy increasing over time, senior care has also become more necessary. The extent and type of care needed are different, so consequently, there are quite a few options when you are deciding which type is right for you or your loved one.

The vast majority of seniors want to continue living at home so as they become older and require some degree of help with their daily activities. These seniors value their independence, so the first option most of them choose is home care services Massachusetts.

In some cases, willing children or friends are available to provide this basic level of care right there at the senior’s home. These services can include assisting with personal hygiene, cooking and preparing meals, help with remembering to take their medicines, getting dressed, doing laundry, getting in and out of bed, and just providing basic companionship. Assistance may also be required for transportation to the doctor, going shopping for groceries, or just running errands in general. This level of care is considered non-skilled care and can either be provided within your family or circle of friends or a caregiver can be hired to take care of these needs. This type of care is required in most cases of age-related dementia.

When the level of care becomes greater, such as checking the senior’s vitals such as blood pressure or oxygen levels, skilled care is required, most likely provided by someone with medical training and experience. Other types of help required at this level may be assisting with putting on braces, an artificial limb, or some other medical equipment. This care may be provided within the home or as the level of care grows, a skilled facility such as an assisted living center, a memory care facility, a senior center, or ultimately, a nursing home.



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