The Popular Trends in Web Designing for 2017

Web designing will still take a center stage in 2017 as it has in the past. This is because an increasing number of businesses are going online as the battle for customer acquisition intensifies. In case you are wondering what you need to do different in 2017 so as to win the hearts and minds of your customers, look for a professional web design company that can help you do the following.

Add Imagery to Your Web Design

Images still play a huge role in digital communication whether it is a blog, portfolio, or ecommerce store. Through imagery, you can engage more with your prospects and convey with clarity your message to them.

Previously, many websites have been suffering from the fake and cheesy stock photography where it is always happy people wearing suits and perfect smiles. This sweeping trend is quickly changing that thanks to communities such as Picjumbo and Unsplash which contain some of the most beautiful and natural looking photos that web designers can utilize in their design work.

Integrate a Video Background

Websites can best be described as vessels for storytelling. For them to play this role effectively, motion and visuals need to be combined to help ideas and emotions to be easily transferred to the visitors. Videos do this perfectly well no wonder the upsurge in websites with video backgrounds.

With the endless possibilities provided by 3D graphics as well as HD quality videos, web designers can create the impression of real life experience right in your website in 2017. The exponential growth in video consumption online is one of the facts that proves video is shaping the visuals of the future.

Include Personal Branding

Whether you focus on it or you don’t, personal branding still exists. Your identity is very different from your image. Basically, your image refers to how others perceive you. With personal branding, the aim and focus is to align vision and mission so that people including your customers perceive you just like you would love them to do.

Do not let your prospects speculate and come up with different opinions concerning you, but instead take the lead and influence their perception through personal branding in web design.

Incorporate Mobile Experience

The last thing you would ignore if you really are mindful about succeeding online are statistics. If you are careful enough, you may have seen reports after reports indicating how web usage patterns are shifting to mobile. One in every 3 visitors uses a mobile device to access websites and this is something you should think about and let your website be optimized for mobile.

Google may have been slow in punishing mobile unfriendly websites, but 2017 is likely to bring into the picture real losses as customers abandon websites they cannot surf on their mobile devices.

To add onto the above trends, modular design or what is known as grid-based web designing where your website is divided into smaller parts or skids, will feature prominently in 2017. Be on the lookout for web design experts who can help you put together at least some of these trends to the benefit of your online business.