It is not pleasant at all as a business person to experience a high influx of customers in large numbers and queues while others push around your busy employees. This may lead to employee stress and poor service delivery to the customers. The developer of the queuing management system www.akistechnologies.comfrom Lithuania solves this issues by providing a quality services which help in avoiding these stressful situations and increasing the efficiency of the business operation into becoming more customer friendly.

Our two main solutions aimed at improving the organization of customer receiving services include;


This is an advanced queue management systems which help in organizing and managing queuing systems.


This is a queue management system which is combined with different types of vehicles or authentication by the user. User authentication involves authentication by a cars number plate using a camera, phone number, ticket, radio wave or RFID card operated remotely.

The vehicles way is provided by the pointer which gives information about the available vacant spaces. The driver is then indicated about the vacant space and the state of the space thus making parking simpler and easier. The optimal path is used to direct the vehicle to the closest vacant space. This system is very efficient as it cuts all problems associated with time wastage during finding the best place to park, fuel consumption used in driving unnecessary miles to find a vacant parking space and exhaust gases in the parking lot which are not environmentally friendly. Quality integration with all vehicle drivers enables the efficient use of PARCON for faster parking of vehicles in a parking station.

Characteristics of PARCON

a) Clear and simple Parking management is made smooth and fast.
b) More space is provided in the parking area.
c) Easier firefighter integration.
d) Complete and quick parking statistics. 


This is queue management system from Lithuania developed specifically for truck movement management. It is highly advisable to be used by the various logistics organizations searching for a fast and efficient method of transport flow management.

This is an easy and fast system designed to manage trucks from their arrival to the logistics area until their departure. All the details concerning the supplier and type of cargo being supplied are fed into this system by the manager. A ticket is then issued to the driver of the truck indicating the queue number which enables the driver to wait for his or her turn to be cleared by the logistics staff. The truck is signaled to come for clearance by queue management systems from Lithuania which has all the trucks information. This system is time-saving and cheap as only a single manager can control perfectly the entire flow of traffic in and out of the logistics center.

Truck drivers find it appealing as they don’t waste their energy rushing to be cleared. Also, the time of the drivers is properly managed by providing for enough time to rest until the trucks moment for clearance reaches. TEVIS enables the acquisition of work statistics by varying views.

Characteristics of TEVIS

a) Time-saving.
b) Cheapness.
c) Efficient control of the truck inside the logistics area.
d) Comfortable.
e) Simple web interface for customers.
f) Multiple access to user rights by the client.
g) Multi-level user access rights from administrator to spectator
h) Statistical analyses of various views.