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How to Maximize the Benefits of Studying in College

As many students have already realized, studying is not just a task; it is an art form. Studying requires that a student learn how to memorize information in a particular way, without giving up or forgetting to repeat the process frequently. Learning how to study effectively can have a drastic effect on testing scores and GPA’s, but the student must be physically and mentally prepared for a studying session to yield the greatest results.

Benefits of Studying in College

Getting Plenty of Sleep and Proper Nutrition

Without adequate sleep, the brain does not operate as sharply. This can result in slower reading comprehension and memorization. In addition, it may take more time to understand a formula or how something works. A poor diet or sporadic meals can affect the mind as well; it can be very hard to study when malnourished or hungry. If blood glucose levels drop due to missing a meal, it can be very hard to stay focused when studying. Eat a well-balanced meal one hour before studying.

Never Study When Angry or Upset

Negative or strong emotional feelings will significantly hinder studying as well. The mind may wander frequently, dwelling on recent events or interactions with peers. Instead, resolve the issue or go for a relaxing walk between a stressful event and studying. This will allow the mind to get strong emotions under control before studying.

Studying for Short Bursts of Time

Frequently cramming and studying for long periods of time can be very counter productive. Instead of studying for two hours straight, try studying in twenty minute intervals six times per day. Studying could also be done during shorter windows of time, such as during class breaks, work breaks, or while waiting on ball practice to start. Meal times are perfect for studying, as well.

By studying for a test in good physical and mental shape, the student will memorize more information in a shorter amount of time. Distractions, fatigue, and stress can significantly reduce the effectiveness of a studying session.



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