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Make Real Money from Apps for Doing Nothing

Need to make a couple expels the applications that you utilize? There are now bunches of applications that prize you with free talk time for things like watching advertisements or introducing applications however a large portion of the applications we’ve taken a gander at in the past are ones that compensation you out in talk time. Aside from that, all the applications that offer prizes give the best rewards for downloading different applications; it can turn out to be entirely repetitive and tedious.


Free talk time is incredible, however imagine a scenario in which you’d rather have your prize come as money, or possibly as a coupon that you can spend in this present reality some place. Things being what they are there are a couple applications that permit you to do this too, and there are various diverse courses in which you can inspire this to function also, aside from simply downloading different applications. Here are our picks.


One of the simplest approaches to make a couple bucks is the Yumchek application. Basically, the application needs to help you to discover eateries close-by to eat out, and the organization has hit upon a fascinating answer for making sense of where you really eat. Shunning registration and other gamified arrangements, Yumchek is giving out money for that data rather – you interface your telephone number to the application, and you get Rs. 5 in that Paytm account each time you transfer a receipt from an eatery. You likewise gain reliability focuses that can be utilized to enter lotteries for greater prizes, for example, winning an air fryer.

The organization needs to utilize the information it accumulates in this design to get an exact picture of where you eat, and what, with the goal that it can make more valuable expectations and along these lines be more useful to clients than only a straightforward postings registry. It’s somewhat unpleasant, yet at any rate you’re volunteering every one of the information, and it’s an exceptionally basic approach to make a couple bucks.

The prizes aren’t huge, however in the event that you’re eating out in any case, it is only a little additional progression to transfer your receipt and procure a minimal expenditure. What’s more, it’s going into your versatile wallet, not towards your talktime, which is an or more since you can utilize it in any capacity that you need. Also, you don’t need to do anything, for example, introducing undesirable applications, so general it seems to be a really decent offer.

Screenwise Media Panel

Google’s statistical surveying program the Screenwise Media Panel has been in India for over a year, and helps the organization break down how individuals are utilizing the Internet. The way it works is quite straightforward – whatever you do is introduce the free Screenwise Panel application on your telephone. When you get to the Internet from your telephone, Google will find out about the locales you visit, the applications you utilize, and some fundamental data about how you utilize them. You don’t have to do something besides keep the application on your telephone and gather your prizes. It’s that straightforward. The information is all taken a gander at just in the total Google guarantees us, which is great in light of the fact that generally presenting a perspective behind you is somewhat dreadful.


Keettoo is a free console application for Android that permits you to gain cash by watching promotions. It works like a typical console application, yet it additionally sends warnings about things like new item dispatches – tap the notice and you will see a promotion, for which you are given a money reward. Dissimilar to different applications which pay you for watching promotions, Keettoo is not a standalone application; this implies you never need to dispatch a particular application, check through the advertisements, and pick one.

Rather, it’s an ordinary console application you can utilize constantly, and in case you’re free, you can simply tap a notice and watch the promotions. Thusly, Keettoo again to a great extent stays out of sight – you don’t effectively need to do much to profit utilizing the application. In any case, that is by all account not the only motivation behind why it’s fascinating.

We needed to discover applications that give you compensates without going out of your way introducing and experimenting with bunches of outsider applications. We additionally loved that the prizes aren’t given as talktime. Do you know of more applications like these? Let us know by means of the remarks.



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