Maintenance is one of the important factors that would affect your organisation

How about automating it? You heard it right – you can automate your maintenance tasks with ease. The tool that helps you in achieving it is known as CMMS software. We will analyse how does it work in the following paragraphs.

CMMS Software – What it is?

CMMS is an acronym for Computerised Maintenance Management System software. It completely automates the maintenance tasks that your organisation has. It is the best option that would help you standardise your maintenance operations.

During the initial days, maintenance was something that was looked down upon. However, situations have improved of late. Organisations have been paying more heed to the maintenance activities. CMMS is a tool that would help you in more ways than one in that aspect.


How did CMMS evolve?

Well, CMMS had very modest beginnings. During the initial days, it was only larger companies that paid attention to the software aided maintenance. It can be considered to have begun in the 1960’s with the punch cards. Later on a printed paper replaced these punch cards and the data entry operators fed the data into the system.

As the 1980’s arrived, the computers became affordable. Small to medium sized companies were able to use the CMMS tools. A huge change came about in the 1990’s with the boom in Internet technology. LAN was indeed a game changer and helped in quickly sharing the data between computers with ease.

1990’s also saw the emergence of customised CMMS tools. That was indeed a new development as it brought CMMS into almost any sort of organisation.


How does it benefit you?

CMMS comes with a host of benefits. Some of them can be summed up as –

  • Enhanced Information – CMMS brings up more data that you can have access to. More data would mean a better understanding of your assets. Combining historical data will go a long way in assisting you in getting better insights into long term well-being of your assets.
  • Cost Control – CMMS ensures better scheduling. This effective scheduling will mean reduced labour costs involved in maintenance activities that may arise suddenly. Unscheduled repairs and sudden breakdowns will cost you more than what would cost you if you engage in regular maintenance.
  • Enhanced Compliance – CMMS also takes care of compliance to regulatory standards. A customised CMMS tool has access to health, safety and other environmental standards. The tool would help you track actions and procedures for meeting the industrial regulations.
  • Improved Training Process – The CMMS tool records all your maintenance tasks. It lets users use documents, images and videos as part of the maintenance operations. Since the information is recorded in a clearly readable form, this would help you in an easy knowledge transfer.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction – A proper organisational structure and maintenance schedules will have an improved transparency between you and your customers. This should, in fact, go a long way in developing a loyal customer base.

The Parting Thoughts

A CMMS tool is actually a blessing in disguise. In fact, it would help you in managing your maintenance schedule at the best. The best part with the CMMS tool is it would put the responsibility of maintaining the task of taking care of the maintenance schedule on the maintenance contractors.

We assume we have ably explained the evolution and the benefits of the CMMS tool in a clearly understandable language. If you have any doubts, you can share your views through your feedback with us.