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How to Detect Roofing Traps and Scams

Unfortunately, both commercial business owners and homeowners are still victims of roofing scams. These can have serious consequences for your roof. It is best to hire a professional who is reputable in the area and provides commercial roofing St Louis-located for years and not months. Let’s go into the things you should look out for.


Using Dubious Techniques               

A price that is too attractive and payment only in cash is often synonymous with scams. Indeed, a price much lower than the price charged by other companies should alert you:

  • What products are used?
  • What is the company’s real expertise in roof cleaning?

Similarly, a cash-only payment may reflect attempted fraud on the part of the entrepreneur.

Use of Dangerous Products

The main danger lies in the products used on the roof. Indeed, to be able to offer you unbeatable prices, the products used can be cheap and not suitable, even dangerous for the covering of your roof.

Do the Usual Check

When requesting a roofing service quote, do a few basic checks:

  • Examine the professional identification card of the technician who comes to your home
  • Check if the particular vehicle is identified with the name of the company it represents

You can then contact customer service to verify the identity of the person who came to your home. Subsequently, we also recommend that you check that the postal address mentioned on the document actually exists.

Consult References and Customer Reviews

In order to make your final decision, consult the company’s customer reviews on the Yellow Pages or Google. This way, you can get an idea of ​​the quality of the services provided. It’s your turn, at the end of the project, share your feedback!

Check the Company Website

Finally, on the professional’s website, examine its guarantees and partners. This approach allows you to learn about the service provider’s quality approach and to obtain additional information on its collaboration with other players in its sector.

Avoiding Traps

To avoid roofing traps and scams, ask for an estimate, study each proposal in detail and ask the contractors about the products used. In order to carry out targeted maintenance and to identify with certainty the points of deterioration, ask for a free estimate.



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