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How Important Is Good Credit When Applying for a Home Loan?

If you’re currently in the market for your first home, you will most likely need to think about applying for a mortgage. However, it’s only natural to wonder whether or not your credit is good enough to qualify.

You Can Always Improve

While excellent credit is definitely¬†a major asset when applying for a home loan, it’s not necessarily a dealbreaker if yours isn’t perfect. Before you start looking for a mortgage lender, do what you can to improve your score and address any errors, as better credit generally equates to lower interest rates. Then consider each of your financing options with care.

Public or Private Lending

Definitely start by thinking outside the box when it comes to the agencies you approach. Traditional lenders like banks may have stricter regulations in regards to factors like credit. However, a private lender (like Sun West Mortgage) is more likely to be willing to work with their clients to settle on the best possible options for them. Going with a private lender often brings other perks to the table as well. Think warm, friendly service that makes you feel like a member of the family and time-honored values like integrity and fairness!

The right lender makes the process of achieving your own version of the American dream simple, so it really pays to shop around for the right one.



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