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Hot Career: Biotechnology

Hot Career Biotechnology

Careers in biotechnology are considered by many experts to be in high demand now and will continue to be in demand into the future. Biotechnology degrees can lead to careers as a microbiologist, medical scientist, biomedical engineer and a host of other scientific fields. It can be a versatile degree with many different potential outcomes.


Most biotechnologists have taken classes in both biology and technology and have earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree. These degrees typically take four to six years to earn. Some very dedicated individuals will even go on for a Ph.D. which can add another six to ten years. However, there are certificate programs and associate degree programs designed to get people started in the field in less than two years.

Work Environment

Many biotechnologists wind up working in a laboratory conducting experiments because these scientists constantly look for new ways to integrate biology and technology to help make everyone’s life better. Some typical science equipment used in the laboratory include autoclaves, syringes like the hamilton 81320, temperature measuring devices, incubator, centrifuge, and Petri dishes. You may have even come across these tools in your high school biology classroom.


The money that scientists make often depends on where they work. Private pharmaceutical companies, for instance, will pay higher than universities for people with similar degrees. A typical salary may start around $50,000 a year and go up from there. Since not everyone with a biotechnology degree stays directly in that field, the possibilities are varied. The more specialized knowledge you have, the higher your salary should be.

People who work in the biotechnology field generally report high satisfaction in their careers. Also, this growing field should continue to need people as our dependence on technology continues to increase. If you like science and want to get into a career field with lots of potential for growth, you should check out biotechnology.



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