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Growing up Strong: Health Tips for Your Child’s Early Years

Your newborn baby is a perfect human being in your eyes. He or she will quickly grow into a toddler and beyond. Every parent wants their child to have a healthy life. Start them off right by following these health tips for the early years. Good habits can stick around for life.

Child's Early Years

Prioritizing Vaccines

A key point to always keep in mind is prioritizing vaccines. There are so many diseases that can affect your child’s health. Many of these diseases have an associated vaccine. Work with your doctor so that every shot can be planned out as necessary. There’s no reason why your child should suffer from measles if there’s a vaccine for it, for instance.

Getting Active

With technology in the palm of your hand today, it’s easy to forget about exercise. Teach your child about being active. Participate in fun activities outdoors. Join a sports team. The activity will serve the child well into adulthood. Being idle at home will lead to obesity and behavioral problems.

Checking on Normal Growth

During each physical, ask about your child’s growth patterns. Doctors look at height, weight and other features. If there’s a concern about bone growth, consider a trip to pediatric orthopedics Palm Beach County. Catching any ailment early on will only help your child grow into a healthy adult.

Accenting Healthy Food

Offering treats to your child is understandable when he or she is discovering the world. However, try to encourage healthy treats as well. Incorporate fruits and vegetables into every meal. You may even hide peas in some mashed potatoes. These nutrients will only improve your child’s mind and body over the years. When school time arrives, they’ll have the brainpower to succeed.

There will always be bumps and bruises in life. Be aware if your child has fallen or bumped his or her head. Most kids can shake off minor bumps. Be diligent about healthcare when major injuries are involved. Many kids will heal without a scratch with the proper medical attention.



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