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Four Tips to Protect Skin From Sun Damage

It is well-known that ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the skin and contribute to premature aging. Fortunately, there are simple steps that individuals can take to help prevent damage to the skin and here are four suggestions to consider.

Protect Skin From Sun Damage

1. Create a Habit to Wear Sunblock Every Day

Simply understanding that sunscreen is important to use may not be enough to persuade an individual to wear it every single day. Therefore, it may be beneficial to start making a habit of applying sunblock every morning while getting ready for the day. Like brushing teeth, once a habit is formed, the activity will be much easier to complete. (A study involving habit-forming determined that the average time that it may take to form a new habit is approximately 66 days.) In just over two months, a healthy sunblock-wearing habit could be created by starting today.

2. Hats and Protective Clothing Can Provide Protection

Covering exposed areas of the skin may offer protection from harmful UV rays. Wearing a hat to shield the face from the sunshine – along with long-sleeve shirts and long pants – may be very useful.

3. Schedule Regular Visits to the Dermatologist

It may be advantageous to schedule routine visits with a dermatology office, such as advanced dermatology Colorado, for example. A doctor will thoroughly examine the skin and look for any areas that could be problematic. (Be sure to visit a physician as soon as possible if any irregular bumps or patches of skin appear.)

4. Sunglasses are Important

Finally, don’t forget to wear sunglasses. High-quality sunglasses can protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, as well as offering shade to the sensitive skin around the eyes.

While the sun can wreak havoc on skin, it doesn’t need to be completely avoided. Taking simple steps to protect oneself can allow for lots of fun – and safety – while out in the sun.



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