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Equipment You Need To Be a Ham Radio Operator

Do you want to be a ham radio operator? It’s a noble calling, and you can be of tremendous help if there’s a natural disaster or your area faces other emergencies. Develop your radio skills and you can eventually find a lucrative career in radio operations. But to start, you have to have the right equipment.

The cost of this equipment may seem intimidating. If you’re low on funds, look for used equipment to save money. Here are some things you’ll need.

A Good Quality Antenna

Your radio won’t be of much use unless you have an excellent antenna. The stronger your antenna, the further your range and the more people you can reach. For home use, you’ll likely want a horizontal antenna although some take up a lot of space. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it easier to find the right type for you.

You test the range of your antenna by attaching your antenna via directional couplers to a spectrum analyzer.

A Transceiver

This valuable piece of equipment allows you to send and receive messages through the permitted frequencies. There are both mobile and fixed desktop transceivers depending on your needs. Mobile transceivers are portable, but have fewer features and not nearly as much power as a desktop transceiver that can enable you to broadcast over a far larger range.

A Designated Area

Unless you live alone, you probably won’t want to set up your equipment in the living room, or you’ll likely drive your loved ones crazy. Find a small area that is temperature-controlled and use an ergonomic chair to protect your back.

You have a  learning curve ahead of you if you want to be a ham radio operator, so stick with the basic equipment when you’re starting out. As your skills increase, you can upgrade your system and eventually go pro.



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