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Don’t Make These Mistakes if You Really Want to Get Rid of Debt

You probably didn’t picture yourself accumulating this much debt. Maybe it was an unexpected illness or injury, or perhaps you had trouble managing credit card spending. It doesn’t matter how you got into debt, it only matters that you get out of it. Steer clear of these common mistakes to be rid of debt for good.

Get Rid of Debt

Going It Alone

Sometimes you need help. From negotiating with creditors to understanding your spending habits, the professionals at Rescue One Financial can help. 

Maintaining Spending Habits

Old habits die hard, but you’re going to have to change how you spend if you want to avoid going back into debt. Cut up your credit cards so you aren’t tempted to use them. You can keep the accounts open for a true emergency and to help boost your credit. Just don’t fall into the trap of using them for unnecessary extras you can’t really afford.  

Thinking You Have No Options

Lenders will work hard to convince you that you are going to have to pay all of your bills no matter what. But you have options. Professional negotiators like those at Rescue One Financial may be able to settle your debt for less than what you currently owe. 

Don’t let falling back into debt cause you to lose sleep. Take steps to ensure you don’t fall into these common traps that keep people stuck in the debt cycle. 



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