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Common Types of Court Ordered Classes

Unfortunately, when people make poor choices, they can sometimes find themselves in the courtroom to attest to their wrongdoing. Depending on the severity of the crime and whether the individual has been in trouble with the law previously, the result of the case can vary.

Types of Court Ordered

One common solution to minor offenses is court ordered classes online Nebraska, which allow the individual to complete course work on their own time as long as it is completed by a stated deadline. 

Below you will find descriptions and benefits for several common class types. 

Anger Management

Individuals who appear in court due to a lack of control over their thoughts and emotions may be referred to anger management courses as a means of addressing the root issue at hand. Anger management courses focus on the core idea that anger is an emotional response to your perception and so anger is 100% within your control. 

Anger management classes can help learn to appropriately process and respond to triggering situations in your life so that the anger no longer has control over you.


Making wiser decisions can help keep people out of trouble; the good news is, learning how to make wise decisions is a skill everyone can develop. During a decision-making course, individuals will learn how to employ their critical thinking skills to determine the best action to take when a situation arises.

One of the greatest benefits taken from decision-making courses is that individuals will be empowered by the framework that making healthy decisions will help them find success on a much bigger level. Not only will a better decision be made at the moment, but the overall achievement of their goals will be supported by their improved decision-making. 

Substance Abuse

While anger management and decision-making courses may be helpful to a large range of people, substance abuse courses are very specific to individuals suffering from drug and alcohol dependence. This course primarily focuses on the implications of moving forward while continuing in the current lifestyle choices.

Most programs will also help individuals to develop a personalized plan of action for the future to help ensure they continue to make progress even after the course has ended.

These courses are just the start of a long list of potential courses offered to help individuals overcome barriers to success. Even if you have not been mandated by the court to take part in these courses, most program options offer enrollment to anyone who feels the content will help make improvements to their life. 



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