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Choosing the Best Aerator for Your Golf Course Pond

For a golfer on the tee, a pond is both a strategic challenge and a pleasant aesthetic feature. A golf course pond with a healthy ecosystem will be clear and free of algae. If you are in charge of managing the water features on a golf course, you may know ponds need adequate oxygen concentrations to thrive. Pond aerators and fountains accomplish this. Aeration mixes and circulates oxygen into the pond via one of three primary methods. This discussion may help you match the best aeration method with your setting.

Choosing the Best Aerator for Your Golf Course Pond

Surface Aerators

These vigorous water circulators introduce oxygen by agitating the pond’s surface, causing the oxygen and the water to mix. While they are very efficient aerators, agitators are noisy and work best in locations that do not require quiet. They serve smaller ponds best as they may not fully agitate deeper water.


Fountains are popular aeration systems for golf course ponds. Aesthetically, they are valued for their attractive spray patterns and pleasant sounds. The mist they produce can even cool the ambient air. When water is sprayed through the air, it becomes oxygenated before falling back to the water surface. This introduces additional dissolved oxygen to the water, minimizing algae overgrowth and promoting overall vitality. Fountain aerators work best for ponds under 10 feet deep.

Diffusion Bubblers

Bubblers lie on the bottom of the pond and introduce bubbles that release oxygen as they rise to the surface. Because they are submerged, bubblers are quiet, a useful feature for aerating golf course ponds near putting greens. Bubblers are effective for nearly any size pond.

Without sufficient oxygenation, toxic algae can flourish in the surface layers of your pond, creating an unsightly, stagnant eyesore. A proper aeration system is essential to maintaining a vital, algae-free pond that your patrons will appreciate every time they visit.



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