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Children’s Day 2020 – 5 Unique Children’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Children’s Day around the corner! If you are looking for a Children’s Day gift ideas for your child or you want to make fun on this occasion yourself, we have for you a few suggestions that will hit the spot. In addition, you can easily find each one on the web.

Children's Day 2020 Gift

For an active child: Bicycle

Children’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Every child has unused energy. If your child loves to be on the move and spend time outdoors, think about buying a new bike for him. It’s a great excuse for family trips and exploring the area. The most fashionable now are saturated colors, so choose red, orange or green – your child will be delighted! Our offer is, for example, the Indiana MTB Junior Rock Jr 24 bicycle, which ensures a smooth ride, has a lightweight aluminum frame and modern design.

For a child of all ages: Gaming Equipments

Children's Day gift

A lot of free time can be used for outdoor activities, but when the weather breaks, it is worth having something that will take care of your child for some time. A game console, e.g. cult, is a treat for small and large game fans. Plenty of games available exclusively on PlayStation provide great entertainment. Add wireless Dualshock 4 controller and good game to your console and your child will be “bought”!

For a teenager: Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair Children's Day gift

If you have a young gaming fan at home or you also like to spend a few hours playing console games, a gaming chair is a great option. It is designed to provide the most comfortable, ergonomic position when playing thanks to the contoured seat. Adjustable angle of the backrest allows a comfortable rest from playing, and thanks to the colorful design it will fit well into the decor of any teenager’s room.

For a creative child: Camera

Children’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Is your child an artistic type? Or maybe it just constantly takes your phone to snap photos of yourself, your friends or your pet? She will definitely like the colorful, small Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, which allows you to take a photo (also a professional selfie thanks to the mirror on the lens!) And immediately call them on small, dedicated camera cartridges. You can hang the finished photos on the wall or collect them in an album or box. The perfect gift idea for anyone who likes creative activities.

For small and large: Scooter

Scooter for kids

Regardless of whether you can’t chase the child out of the house to spend some time outside, or on the contrary – it is impossible to tear him away from playing in the open air, it is a gift that will always work. You can choose a traditional or electric scooter. Both will provide your child with lots of fun for long hours and will be an incentive to everyday activities.




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