Best Managed Hosting For Your Blog powered by Cloud Axis

Cloud axis is considered to be the best managing hosting services for your blog as it provides the shared and the reseller hosting, and it is the hosting managed provider based in India. The journey of this hosting site has started with a small team and was simple, but it has resulted in the great sales as soon as it was launched on the very first day itself. This is being managed by the city of Kolkata by a group of members.

How Can It Be the Best Managing Host of the Blog?

The cloud axis is considered to be the best managing host of the blog since it is always there ready in providing support and services to the website so as to make it online. The group members of the cloud axis team will all the time 24/7, be striving hard for the performance of the website that the blog accessibility is available every time. The kind of support that is provided by the team is fantastic and is quite impressive and is very appealing so that we feel like going online with the blog of Sujoy Dhar.

Cloud axis Managed Hosting

The sharing of hosting experience that is delivered by the Cloud axis is fantastic which would be from the dedicated server. It gives the opportunity of talking to their sales team so that any queries can be discussed with them and they would always be ready in clarifying all the doubts regarding their hosting services about the offers and the kind of support they provide to the customers before ordering for their domains and makes customers purchase with bright minds.

The team of cloud axis is available 24/7 to make accessing of your blog all the time, and the content of the data will be updated 100 percent on time. They are always online so as to make your blog accessible from anywhere. The security that is provided by this team is incredibly worth it in confirming this hosting service as the best managing site as they would be in support all the time in protecting the content of the blog from various attacks.

Cloud Axis Security Features

The data backup can be stored and saved on a daily basis if the content over the blog is flowing all the time. Cloud axis will be keeping the backup of all your files s per regular criteria, and the entire content can be restored for free of cost on request to the team. The SSL for all the blogs and the websites are provided at free of cost by the Cloud axis by which it proves that the serving is made secured for the client by cloud axis hosting.

Cloud Security and the Migration of the Blog

Cloud Axis Support System

If you wanted to move the blog from one hosting services to the other, then there would be no wastage of time anymore in copying and restore the data again in the current hosting site. This part of the job is made easy by the cloud axis, for this reason, it is considered to be the best managing hosting for the blog. The entire process of the migration from existing to new hosting will be taken care by this team by reducing the burden on our head. While doing so, they will make sure that no content is lost and everything is placed at the right position.

· The migration of the blog would be free from the existing server to this server if any plan is purchased from them.

· Under the WHM all the Cpanel of clients will be developed by the reseller.

· As soon as the request is sent to the hosting details of the existing service the transfer process is initiated within 2 hours of time.

· If there is no CPanel in the current hosting server then also they have a solution of manual restoring so that the customer is happy with the new hosting server.

The security that is provided for the cloud axis to the blog is the highly advanced technology so as that it makes the client feel safer and the hacker can be blocked, or the unique feature called the DDOS attacker will be directed against the blog. The security system of cloud axis is strict, and they can filter the IP so that the blog is made free from the attacker’s and you can stay relaxed.

· If the blog is being affected by any IP then they have the features of blocking that IP from changing our blog.

· If any malicious scripts are detected by the system, then this hosting will be blocking them and are spammed from the site to the blacklist account.

· For restoring the content of the blog the data is backed up.

· For a particular account, the hosting server is restricted so that nobody can interfere with anybody serve.

On Time Supporting Services for Managing the Blog

The hosting servers of the cloud axis are optimized in such a way that it can handle the real-time online users and are involved in serving the files that are at the excessive speed such as blogs. Each server is restricted to some limited number of accounts as well as limited resources provided by them as nothing can be unlimited. Suspension of the account for any reason will not be done rather they will be optimizing the blog so that it can perform much better.

· It is regularly monitored, checked, and secured by the team.

· If you are not able to access your blog then we can contact the support team who would investigate the issue and later make it accessible.

Once the complaint is raised, they would be ready to support with their customer support team instead of waiting for 12-24 hours for the blog issues. As soon as we get connected they would solve the problem. The client blog or the website is relevant to the cloud axis so that they keep working online all round the day.

· It is easy to contact them with any query as they would fix it with the right solution.

· For every plan of the hosting server, they provide the free optimization program.

· Restoring the website is free.

· With the help of email, chat or direct customer support the pre-sale queries are solved on priority basis.