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6 Things to Do in Newport Beach

If you are visiting Newport Beach you will have access to some beautiful beaches. The Newport Beach area includes more than eight miles of beaches that stretch from the Santa Ana River jetty to Crystal Cove State Park and border Newport Bay. During the summer months, the area is a popular vacation area for families and couples alike.

Things to Do in Newport Beach

If you want to do more than play in the sand and lay in the sun, there are some fun activities that you and your family can partake in when you visit the area.

1. Luxury boat cruise. Are you looking for an upscale adventure? You can bring your friends and family on a luxury boat cruise and enjoy the views of the area. Companies like Newport Duffy Rental offer dining cruises on electric boats with a personalized experience.

2. Get out in nature. If you are interested in exploring nature beyond that of the ocean and shore, there are several nature opportunities in the area, including the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve and the Sherman Library and Gardens.

3. Enjoy some family fun. There are several opportunities for family fun park adventure in the Newport Beach area. The Pirate House — perfect for any lover of adventure on the high seas — is filled with 50 fiberglass pirates. And the Balboa Fun Zone is an adventure park featuring a famous Ferris wheel.

4. Take a hike. If you want to get out in nature and get a little exercise, there are several beautiful hike and bike trails in the area, including Castaways Park and the Pacific Ridge Trailhead.

5. Ride a wave. Are you interested in surfing, but a novice to the sport? Newport Beach is a great place to try it for the first time or enhance your skills. There are several surf schools in the area, including Endless Sun Surf School.

6. See some wildlife. If you want to see some beautiful sea life, Newport Beach is the place for you. The warmer waters from May through November bring an increased chance that you will spot blue whales. And any time of year you have a good chance of spotting dolphins, seals, and other mammals at play. There are several companies in the area that will take you on tours and help you spot these animals.

Are you ready to visit Newport Beach? Start planning your visit today for a fun time in the sun with family or friends.



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