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6 Steps To Take After Being Arrested

It often comes as a surprise when you or a family member get arrested, and sometimes the arrest can be emotionally and mentally disabling. You know you must be careful about what you say, how you act, and how you interact with the police around the area. You probably also realize you may be in a very difficult situation. To help you stay focused and know what to do, here are six steps to take after you, or someone you love has been arrested.

Steps To Take After Being Arrested

Find Out About Bail

If a friend or family member is at the scene with you, ask them to find out about bail bonds Allentown PA. Have them identify the police department arresting you in order to know which jail you will be put into.

Remain Calm

One of the most important things you can do when encountering any police officer is to remain calm. No matter what you are being arrested for, being belligerent will not help your case in any way.

Request an Attorney

No matter if the arrest is for a DUI, a criminal activity, or a domestic situation, you should ask for an attorney as soon as the detention is official. An attorney can help you fight any charges that are being levied against you.

Stay Respectful and Silent

Once you have requested an attorney, remain respectful, but stay silent. Officers may ask you a multitude of questions, but all you need say is that you would like an attorney.

Refrain from Resisting

No matter why you are being arrested, it will not help your case if you resist arrest or fight with the officer. Let them handcuff you, put you in the car, and process your arrest.

No one wants to be arrested for anything, and if you are not guilty of the infraction, it can be even more frustrating. Using these six steps can help ensure you do not have other charges levied against you, and that you will be out of jail quickly.



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