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5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Freight Procurement Software

During the purchase of freight procurement software for a staff team, there are more than just features to consider. Even though features are vital, other factors make a huge difference when choosing the perfect software. Below are some of the things to look for before you make a final decision to buy;

Freight Procurement Software

Easy and Navigable Interface

Never underestimate the importance of the condition of the interface. You will understand this more when you make the mistake of using freight procurement software with a complex interface. Your team will require lots of days, even months, to get used to the platform. 

The e-procurement systems need to be aligned with the saying “less is more”. A very simple interface would do more than a complicated one since it will require lots of time inducting on every level without a fluid transition of the running and processing the procurement system.

Try to go for a system that demands low end-user-training of company staff. When there is the ease of use, then it will be very successful to adopt the whole system and initiate the transitions. 

Software Designed by Procurement Experts

Although software developers can have little knowledge of procurement, it is important to identify experts that are familiar with the field to ensure that they put every necessary functionality in the software. Here are important questions you can ask yourself;

  • Who is the designer and developer of the software?
  • What are the functionalities of freight procurement software?
  • Is the software developed by a procurement expert?

The answers to these questions will be beneficial to choosing software for your team.

Transparent Pricing

In most cases, people make the mistake of processing payments for purchased software without cross-checking the pricing structures. Always check, especially when you are running the process on a budget. If not, you might be surprised to get hit by unexpected costs. Generally, the contract for procurement software might be based on several factors, but an initial agreement with the developer is crucial. 

Custom Software for Freight Procurement

The software solution must be designed to specifically meet the freight procurement needs. If you are going to purchase generic software, then it will not have the tailored features for managing your freight services. For full transparency of the data, the systems have to be customized to manage freight procurement data and provide important insights to the team. Equally, you have to make sure that your software has the correct fitting and is customized for the requirements. Do you ship highly risky goods such as explosive chemicals? Do you refer to cargos of perishable stuff? If you are to put money on software, make a perfect fit. 

So, try to be careful when enquiring about the pricing, interface, features, functionalities, and expertise of the developers. All these factors are important to avoid making a financial mistake because of purchasing software that could later cause some challenges.



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