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5 Benefits of the H-1B Visa

There are several benefits to having the H-1B Visa. If you need to obtain a Visa to stay in the United States, this is among the best for you to get. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

H-1B Visa

Broad Requirements

There are broad requirements to qualify for this Visa. All you need to have is a Bachelor’s degree and a job offer from a United States company to work in a special position for which you’ll use your Bachelor’s degree. This won’t necessarily be a simple matter, but it is easier to fulfill the H-1B requirements.

How Long You’ll Stay

The H-1B allows for its holders to stay up to three years. Then, you can extend your H-1B easily. Many of the other Visas only last for six months or a year.

Applicants Can Be from Anywhere

If you’re a foreign professional, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You can apply for a H-1B from any country whether you’re a citizen or a national.


There are some fairly strict regulations with work-related Visas. When you hold the H-1B, you’re able to port your status to another employer. You can work part-time and for multiple employers all at the same time.

Dependents Allowed

You can use the H4 Visa to have your spouse and children come to the United States as dependents. They can stay for as long as the principal holder has their Visa and can be extended if all have obtained the H4 extension. These individuals with an H4 can work in the United States as long as they have Employment Authorization documents.

The H-1B Visa truly is an amazing thing. If you require help setting this up, be sure to contact an h1b visa lawyer Los Angeles to assist you in making this process easier.



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