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4 Keys to a Great Family Reunion

There are many ways to stay virtually connected to extended family, but there is nothing like getting everyone together in person. If you are ready to plan a trip and make some memories, here are four tips.

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This may be the most difficult aspect of planning with a large group. Start by asking each family unit which dates in the next two years are not available. Block out those dates and identify the time periods when most people are available. Narrow it down to three options and take a vote.


Unless you have a family homestead that has been in the family for generations, gathering relatives in one spot can be challenging. You do not need to pick a central location, just one that is easy to reach and that will appeal to family members of all ages. Find a place that feels like a more interesting version of home. Try a beach resort Blue Mountain Lake NY that is surrounded by nature but close to attractions. Find a place with great food so your family can start and end each day sharing home-cooked meals.


Some people may want exciting activities, while others will want to relax and chat. Please the whole family by offering activities that run the gamut: whitewater rafting and lakeshore kayaking, challenging summit hikes and strolls through town, art galleries and amusement parks. Each day should include one whole-group activity, such as dinner, that provides a setting for people to connect with those they rarely see. Each day also needs a choice of small-group activities where relatives can share experiences and create new memories.


Plan a minimum of four days for the reunion. The first day is for family members to arrive; schedule a late-evening welcome dinner. The second and third days are for activities. The last day is for departures, so schedule a breakfast or brunch that will include as many as possible. Extend your stay an extra day; after all your effort, you deserve to relax.



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