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3 Ways Remote Work Benefits Work-Life Balance

Much of the economy is now open for business. However, not every employer is opting to bring their employees back to a sticks-and-bricks worksite, and many workers are quite happy to stay remote.

Ways Remote Work Benefits Work-Life Balance

As the weather gets colder, another surge in the pandemic is likely. This could cement the work-from-home status for many jobs. In addition, for those seeking new positions that allow for remote work, there is an increasing number of options available from a wide range of industries. Here are three benefits remote work provides for an improved work-life balance.

1. More Time

One of the major benefits of working from home is the extra time that is gained when there is no commute. When jobs are still tied to a standard workweek schedule, any time outside of the allotted hours at work becomes the individual’s own. This translates to more time to do the things people enjoy, from spending time with friends and family to engaging in favorite hobbies and pastimes.

2. Increased Productivity

Once the home office is set up and the work schedule set, many find that there are fewer distractions than in the workplace. Focus and productivity improve, which means less time outside of normal work hours devoted to finishing up incomplete jobs. This is a benefit many employers are also discovering, making it likely that a high percentage of remote employment will remain after the pandemic subsides.

3. Improved Health

Working remotely can also reduce stress. Lower stress levels result in better overall health. Furthermore, when people work from home, there is less of an opportunity for pathogens to spread. Fewer workers call in sick when their jobs take place virtually. One final path to greater health reflects back to the increase in time gained for personal endeavors, which includes more opportunities for exercise.

The pandemic reveals a great deal about what our society can do to better its citizens’ lives. Shifting to a work structure that allows for at least some telecommuting is one way to improve work-life balance because of the increased personal time, greater productivity and better health for employees.



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