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3 Types of Fintech Apps That Use Data Science

The age-old saying is that knowledge is power. Fortunately, data science has brought large amounts of information and knowledge to the world of fintech for businesses. Now, apps are using this technology to ensure that transactions are safe and accurately forecast market trends. Here are some of the most popular types of apps you will see using data science. 

Types of Fintech Apps That Use Data Science

1. Robo Advisors

Traditionally, you can receive a human, financial advisor; many still prefer this because they get a personal touch. However, you don’t need a personal relationship to get maximum investment returns. Instead, it would help if you had insights and predictions based on large amounts of data. Fintech companies that use big data, such as Cane Bay Partners, have robot advisors that base their decisions on past market trends, facts, data, and patterns.

These advisors use algorithms and other technology, such as artificial intelligence. As these technologies develop, robot advisors have become more advanced and can handle nearly any task. They are often available as chatbots in apps or on websites. Through machine learning, fintech can take this data and predict market trends accurately, so you receive good investment suggestions. It’s nearly impossible for a human to do this. That’s why many businesses are turning to robot advisors. 

2. Financial Planning

Many consultants, such as Cane Bay, are grateful for data science’s arrival in financial planning. These consultants work through to spend the majority of their time combing through large chunks of data to provide suggestions on the next steps for businesses and their employees. The more information they have, the more helpful their tips are. 

However, as already mentioned, it’s nearly impossible for a human to comb through extreme amounts of data in a reasonable time. Humans are also capable of making mistakes when they process data. Therefore, many businesses have turned to fintech because they don’t make mistakes and can quickly process large amounts of data. Many consultants have started using fintech to provide their clients with more accurate suggestions in a timely fashion. They can also use them to give things like market forecasts and corrective actions when necessary. 

3. Risk Management

Risk management and analysis are one of the most important applications of data science in fintech. Banks, government branches, and other fintech companies are exposed to threats and risks because they deal with large amounts of money. Fortunately, this has been overcome much easier thanks to data science. 

Data science has taken risk management to a new level beyond the traditional methods. Initially, the risk management department consisted of people and a lot of paperwork. However, banks and other institutions can now use data science to identify potentially good clients based on their credit scores. For instance, they can use your credit and financial history to determine if you will pay back a loan timely. That helps them avoid missed payments and lost money. 

Data science is used in several crucial ways that impact the fintech world. This upward trend in the fintech and data science relationship has provided businesses with plenty of knowledge and other benefits. 



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