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3 Essential Steps To Take if a Loved One’s Been Arrested

No one ever wants to get a call from jail with their loved one on the other end of the line. However, life happens, and bad things sometimes occur. What you do next could mean the difference between their freedom or extended time behind bars. Read on to learn about three essential steps to take if a loved one’s been arrested.

1. Remain Calm 

While, understandably, your first instinct may be to lose your cool and start yelling or demanding an explanation, it’s crucial to resist the urge. After all, no good can come from two people yelling at each other. You will both be much better served by keeping calm and gathering only pertinent information regarding the arrest. Contacting a reputable bail bondsman El Campo would be a good next step in obtaining a timely release.

2. Don’t Insist on a Detailed Explanation

You’ve undoubtedly heard the famous phrase: “loose lips sink ships,” and there’s hardly a better example than insisting on a detailed explanation of the incident from behind bars. Every detention facility routinely records all conversations so anything said can be used against them in court. Keep it short and simple with just the bare facts, including the time and place it occurred. Sharing anything other than minimum information could prove to be quite costly to your incarcerated loved one.  

3. Contact an Experienced Attorney

An experienced and reputable attorney will know how to best navigate through the sea of legal bureaucracy and the often confusing court system. Your attorney is your advocate and will cut through the red tape and be your best defense when charged with any crime. Don’t go it alone when you can hire professional legal representation to take on the system on your behalf.

If you follow these three steps, you and your loved one will be well on your way to the best possible outcome.



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