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3 Cool Home Ideas That Allow for Total Privacy

Do you dream of a home with no neighbors, where you can retreat to your own private space? Whether you are looking to build a vacation home or move to a new location, there are some pretty cool ideas that allow you to have as much privacy as you could possibly want. Keep reading to see how to get away from it all with one of these unique home ideas. 

Cool Home Ideas

Mountainside Retreat

A house tucked into the side of a mountain can conjure images of both expansive views and isolation. Don’t despair about getting to your new home, either. Residential incline lift systems can make getting to and from your new home easier whether it’s for visiting friends or stocking supplies between trips down the mountain. 

Private Island

Perhaps nothing says ultimate seclusion like a private island. Depending on where you are looking to build that dream home, prices can fluctuate quite a bit. Look for pieces of land that are accessible only by boat to really limit your interaction with the rest of the world. 

There are lots of things to consider if you are thinking about going this route. If you’ll be building a home, all building supplies and equipment will likely have to be brought over by boat. This can quickly add to costs. You will also have to make arrangements for water, electricity and waste disposal on your private retreat. 

Camper or Motorhome

While travel trailers have long been a bastion of middle class vacationing, more people are turning to them for long term living quarters. Whether you decide on a bus-style RV or a tow-behind tiny home, you can simply take your house with you from place to place. You can visit different locations as often as you want, or park and stay put for a while. It’s completely up to you. 

Don’t be afraid to dream big when you are planning for your next home or a vacation retreat. You don’t have to settle for ordinary. 



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