10 Reasons to Use a 360 Degree Virtual Tour for Your Marketing

1. Attract attention to your listings

Listings often go unnoticed due to poor quality and limited or no visual representation. For a great factual and visual representation, a proper visual tour would be ideal as it is also amongst the first things that buyers click when they scroll down a webpage.

2. Interactivity is preferred
Rather than a long winding video which only shows the viewer what the seller wants to show, an interactive virtual tour will garner more interest of the viewer. Buyers will probably spend more time as they would be able to view properly and zoom on to the property walkthrough.

3. No Duplication
Virtual tools provide unique listings. This way the buyers won’t have to view the same listing twice or contact another seller for the same listing.

4. Priority over other agents
Since they have viewed a virtual tour of your listing, they may not view the same listing with other agents hence give you priority.

5. Secure thy buyer
One advantage of this kind of advertising is the fact that one secures a buyer even if they do not eventually buy from the listing. The buyer just has to contact you for a listing.

6. Impress the clientele
Some buyer may turn out to be a seller or have friends who are sellers and may help you get an extra listing if they get impressed that you are making extensive marketing efforts.

7. Catch on the go buyers
Prospective buyers are more likely to come across your listing while surfing the net through their phone as more than 90% of the mobile using population is using smart-phones. Virtual listing may fascinate them more and compel them to save the links to your advertising and share it with their partners.

8. Power of Social Media
Social media marketing is probably the best thing that has happened for sellers. Every time a person opens facebook or instagram, your virtual tour will be displayed, which they might share and make it visible to even more people in their lists some of whom may be your next callers!

9. Save Precious Time
Precious time and effort can be saved by a virtual tour. Often as one rushes to open doors to prospect buyers, they leave after a customary glance. Such a situation can be disappointing and virtual tool can save one from this and rather spend the time on getting better quality listings.

10. Enhance your Reputation
Using niche marketing tools can enhance your reputation in offline marketing. You can print a QR code on brochures or flyers which will directly lead to the virtual tour.

A property virtual tool is a great way of being visible to more customers in a better way and will definitely up your sales. However one should note that they are not ideal for all types of listings. This tool may further depose a bad conditioned house while on the other hand it may also enhance the experience of looking at a good one. This depends on the property agent’s expertise and insight.
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